What is Child Protection?

What is Child Protection?

The United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) proclaims that each youngster hasthe privilege to appreciate youth. Albeit most nations (counting Kenya) have endorsed the UNCRC,relatively few nations implement it and a considerable lot of the world’s kids wind up being misused, manhandled andtry not to appreciate youth. We have a typical responsibility regarding the anticipation of manhandle, arrangement ofshield, training for the advancement and security of youngsters and youngsters (CYP).

This arrangement sets our basic esteems, standards and conviction and depicts the means that is destined to betaken in meeting our responsibilities regarding secure kids and youngsters.What the CPP Child assurance Policy contains:-Our responsibility regarding ensure youngsters:-Tyke RESCUE KENYA esteems, standards and convictions

• All kids and youngsters (CYP) in trouble and deserting are having their rights


• All CYP have break even with rights to insurance from mishandle and abuse.

• The circumstance of CYP must be enhanced through advancement of their rights as set out in the

UN Conventions on the Rights of the Child.

• CYP manhandle and abuse isn’t worthy

• We have to resolve to ensure youngsters with/for whom we work.

• When we work through accomplices they have a duty to meet least models of

assurance for youngsters in their projects.

What we will do:-Kid RESCUE KENYA will meet our sense of duty regarding shield kids from mishandle, misuse through the accompanying means:-

Introduction:-We will guarantee that staff, kids, board and partners are arranged of the issues of manhandle and dangers to CYP. Fundamental preparing and asset materials will be accommodated this reason.

Anticipation We will guarantee through mindfulness and great practice that staff, kids, board and partners can cut down the hazard to CYP.

Detailing We will guarantee that staff, kids, board and partners are clear what ventures to take where concerns emerge with respect to the wellbeing of kids.

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