Mission Education

Mission Education

To empower this, we built up the Child to Child mission educational programs to enable youngsters to end up “mission disapproved” as they take after God’s call to serve others in adoration.

Every portion in the Child to Child educational modules arrangement contains five finish lesson designs loaded with thoughts for adapting together, including:

Book of scriptures lessons

Fun classroom exercises

Wellbeing and survival actualities about Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Stories about children who are a piece of our wellbeing programs

Thoughts for mission ventures

Gathering petitions

… and the sky is the limit from there!

Every session likewise offers data about Haiti or the Dominican Republic with the goal that instructors and understudies can find more about the history, culture, dialect and living states of these close-by island countries.

The instructive reasoning of Learn and Play Christian Early Learning Center is God-focused and underpins our announcement of confidence and statement of purpose. We trust that every tyke is interesting and made in the picture of God. Consequently, every kid is acknowledged, respected and cherished.

Our point is to fuse Biblical standards all through all learning openings and give a Christian viewpoint of the world. We immovably trust that the adoration for Christ can be experienced right on time in a youngster’s advancement. Our group of early youth instructors endeavors to utilize formatively proper works on, concentrating on the tyke’s social, passionate, scholarly, otherworldly, physical and tasteful development.

Little class sizes take into consideration individualized accomplishment amid entire class, educator coordinated guideline. Kid coordinated movement focuses, advanced with hands-on encounters, draw in every youngster’s common interest and support investigation of God’s reality at a kid’s own particular pace.

While we trust that training is the obligation of guardians, Learn and Play works agreeably with guardians to execute the procedure of a Christian instruction. As a Christian Early Learning Center, we respect an assorted variety of kids who can encounter God’s adoration, develop in it, and convey it into the world.

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