About Us

About Us

Childsafenetwork is a not-for-profit association devoted to enabling vagrants to achieve their maximum capacity. We realize that marvels happen when you unite the individuals who have, with the individuals who have not, so we offer unmistakable and satisfying courses for individuals to help vagrants.

Together with our supporters, we change nearby halfway houses into homes, prepare uprooted ladies to end up treasured moms and store grants for training. Since when you engage those with a ton of heart, you influence genuine change.

What’s more, we don’t stop there. We lead with the heart, yet painstakingly measure with the head. For each halfway house we bolster, we methodicallly measure advance in light of the 12 Rights of a Child. Along these lines, benefactors can plainly observe the effect their speculation makes.

All kids have the privilege to a sound youth, a quality training and an open door for a promising future. Our activity is to give everybody the chance to participate and be the marvel these vagrants are seeking after.

Power Lasting Change

Need to have a genuine effect? Join our Partners for Change giving project. Your month to month blessing will spare lives each day.

Mission and Vision

Our identity

Care Foundation is a worldwide pioneer inside an overall development committed to completion neediness. We are known wherever for our unshakeable sense of duty regarding the respect of individuals.

Our Mission

Care Foundation works far and wide to spare lives, vanquish destitution and accomplish social equity.

Our Vision

We look for a universe of expectation, resistance and social equity, where neediness has been overcome and all individuals live with nobility and security.

Our Focus

We place Orphans,Women,Girls in the middle since we realize that we can’t defeat destitution until the point that all individuals have square with rights and openings.